Quick service restaurants are on the rise, with consumers continuing to demand great food at a convenience. According to The Counter (a quarterly report released be BDO) quick service restaurants posted a 1.4 percent increase through the first quarter in contrast to a -0.5 percent dip in upscale casual establishments. It’s safe to say that quick service has become more of a norm than an industry trend.

Here’s the good news: NexTouch provides restaurants quick-service technology that you don’t have to be a major chain to afford. With our MobileBytes Self Order Kiosk, for instance, you can offer your guests the ability to place their own orders in-store. This is an excellent benefit to operators concerned about rising labor costs and the challenges that staffing and training can present. It’s simple really, we download an app to stationary iPads placed anywhere in your establishment and the app prompts your customers through an ordering process that is straightforward and easy to navigate. It also has the ability to securely accept credit card payments.

Here are some additional benefits of our Self Order Kiosk:
Your guests can take full control and responsibility for their orders.
Multiple kiosks can service more guests during peak periods.
Employees can focus more attention on delivering the highest quality product.

This is just one of many examples of technology that affords our clients the ability to increase their top line revenue. For more information about the MobileBytes Self Order Kiosk, please contact Jim Maddasion at