EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, after the three companies who pioneered the credit card “chip” technology that has become commonplace today––such technology is thought to offer a higher level of security against fraud and identity theft. An EMV Reader is a device that allows your customer to pay by way of credit or debit cards with embedded microprocessor chips.



In short, to keep your restaurant from being liable of chargebacks that result from fraudulent credit card transactions.

In October 2015, a national shift in liability occurred in the United States when Via MasterCard, Discover and American Express mandated that the merchant become liable for fraudulent credit card payments that are processed through anything other than a proper EMV device. Whether the fraudulent charge is $10 or $200, your establishment will be required to pay out of pocket.

Though the US is the last major market (globally) to adopt EMV technology and the transition is still ongoing, consumers are expecting merchants to take proactive steps in keeping their data secure. This includes restaurants. It not illegal for your establishment to continue to process payments via magstripe swipe technology, but the cost of becoming EMV compliant is worth the confidence you will instill in your customers. NexTouch makes compliancy simple by offering technology upgrades and EMV Readers that are compatible with most Micros and MobileBytes POS systems.

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