Your experience is incredibly important to us here at NexTouch. We believe that our local human touch is one of the key concepts that sets us apart from other POS companies. While we certainly aren’t perfect, we continually try to provide the most outstanding service we can.

According to Forbes, companies are pouring more resources than ever before into building a strong customer experience, and many expect to soon compete on experience more than price or quantity. This may come as a surprise to some, but not to us. For decades we have been a small business in the point of sale industry. While the technology we offer has drastically changed—think cash registers to iPads—our service level has always remained at the core of our offerings.

We believe that the customer’s experience is the most vital part of our business. So vital, in fact, that everyone in our organization, from our installation team to our accounting team, is invested in your experience with NexTouch. No matter how fantastic our restaurant technology may be (and it is fantastic), you’re likely going to remember the interaction you’ve had with all of the NexTouch people more than anything.



That’s our Credo. We are relationship-driven people who care, so it’s only natural that what drives us to become successful in this business is customer delight. We work with heart. We serve with heart. And we honor our customers’ loyalty by doing the right thing for them in the most timely manner humanly possible.

This is what gets us up each morning.