As a POS company, we’re exposed to many of the fantastic restaurants and establishments Arizona has to offer—along with the amazing people behind them—every single day. One that has particularly inspired us is Dr. Bob’s Coffee. 

Dr. Bob’s was founded by a group of beautiful people in the recovery community as a place to come connect, share, and enjoy a darn good cup of coffee in a safe environment. They operate on a motto of Love & Service and it is evident in every facet of their business. As a non-profit, the company allocates all profits to helping others who are struggling with addiction.



Dr. Bob’s is located right next door to The Pigeon Coop in Tempe, an amazing place of healing in the substance abuse recovery community. “The Coop” had always wanted to have an informal hangout spot where healing could take place between meetings. When they realized that is wasn’t going to be possible to create, the founders of Dr. Bob’s stepped up to make that vision come to life.

And they’ve done a spectacular job at that. Regulars rave about the shop’s comfy atmosphere, friendly service and local coffee concoctions that range from your traditional robust cappuccino to frappes flavored with coconut, matcha green tea and red velvet. A crowd favorite is definitely the nitro cold brew. One sip of this smooth, chilled coffee will jumpstart you for just about anything you’re ready to tackle, from work to workouts. 

Dr. Bob’s just recently celebrated their first anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited that they’ve hit this great milestone or more honored to have been able to help with the POS tech that lets it all run smoothly. Congrats to the Dr. Bob’s team and thank you so much for being a great inspiration to us all! 

Dr. Bob’s Coffee is located in Tempe at 4415 South Rural Road, Suite 10, (760) 519-1702,